Monday, September 24, 2012

Determine To Have A Nice Day

Towards morning my dreams seemed to be troubled by memories of traumatic events.  I don't like entertaining thoughts of hurtful memories.  The memories surface by themselves, but I know that allowing them to circulate in my mind does no good, only harm.  I know that once a damaged memory is prayed about, and turned over to God, it's just a matter of refusing to entertain them whenever they surface.  Eventually they won't come around anymore, if we are diligent on the battlefield of the mind (Joyce Meyer's book title).

I rose up this Monday morning determined to have a nice day.  No matter what happened, or what anyone said to me to the contrary, I committed myself to behaving and responding with a happy spirit.  When I stepped out of the front door, I was faced with another light challenge.  The answer is always to pray for others, and to pray for myself.  Prayer really does change things, though the changes are not always immediately evident.

I know that I will need help today, but I believe that my help is ever present.  That makes the happy spirit come from within, so that it will not be only a pretense or front that will not hold up under intense fire.  God will help me.  He promised that he would.  He said it, I believe it and that does it.  You can count on him too.

The Lord is good, and giveth strength in the day of trouble: and knoweth them that hope in him. (Nahum 1:7, Duoay-Rheims)
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Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

Such practical and wonderful advice! Thank you!

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