Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Go Out, Be Noticed, Make Friends

Mom was lamenting that her nail polish did not match her blouse, afterall.  The color looked different out of doors and she was quite annoyed.  To quell her unrest, I said that it was okay, and that probably no one had noticed.  Throwing up her hands, she said jokingly, but seriously, No one notices me anyway.  To that I soothingly replied, People will notice you more when you start going out to more places, other than just to the doctor.

Though the Lord can direct a new friend to arrive at wherever we are, it's good to make a habit of getting out.  Go to the places that you like, and some new places along the lines of what you like to do.  If you like to do nothing, go to a place and do nothing.  Just sit, and look, and smile.  Say a simple prayer in faith before you go.  Continue to go whether you meet anyone at first or not.  Go for your own encouragement, and to open the way for the Lord to bring new friends into your path.

The scripture ....we should not stop gathering together with other believers....(Hebrews 10:25, God's Word  translation c1995) can also encourage us to go out and make friends.  If you want a friend, go out and be friendly.  If you want to have friends, go out and meet friends.  Trust God to lead wholesome, positive people into your path.  He'll lead Christians to you so that you can receive strength.  He'll lead non-Christians and babes in Christ to you so that you can strengthen them.  How exciting it is to be giving and receiving strength through meeting and gathering together.

Why is my mom not going out more?  Well it's not her fault.  She's prepared to go out much more when transportation circumstances change in her favor.
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Sandi Holland said...

Since the writing of this article, my mother has found a way to go out every week or two. She has been playing board games and doing other social activities at the medical center where she has most of her appointments.

She has been having a great time, and looks forward to this venture each week. The arrangments to get there are not exactly what we want, but she was inspired to do it. She had read this article and liked it.

Sometimes I'm surprised at how quickly things can change, but not really when I rely on God to make a difference in my life. Of course, the major big difference I love seeing is in the lives of all those with whom I'm in contact.

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