Friday, September 7, 2012

The Desire To Pray Is Prayer

Because God knows our hearts, He knows that we want to pray.  He knows when you think about praying and proclaim that you are going to.

He knows when you say to yourself, I should pray for her, or them, or those people.  The fact that you have a desire to pray for others is not lost on God.

When you think, I really need help with this.  I wish I knew how to pray!, God hears your plea.  An inner plea is a prayer.

Sometimes you may say to yourself, If only I'd prayed.  If I was a praying person maybe this would have turned out better.  God is aware of your faith.  You experience the desire to pray because you have faith.

Desire manifests into the physical, so your desire is valuable to God.  This is my prayer for you:

Dear Father:
This reader, who is precious to you, desires to pray.  We thank you for hearing the plea and answering the prayer of this visitor, who is known to you by name.  You are a Good God and a Wonderful Father.  You make no mistakes and your plans are perfect.  You are the Most High God, the Only Wise God and the One True God.  Amen.
Image Credit: Angel prayers on Public Domain Images

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