Saturday, November 17, 2012

God Is Not Mad At You

Many places in the Bible say that God is grieved by certain behaviors.  Because of the fearful mindset of some, God is misrepresented as being mad at us because of our struggles. The whole Gospel of Jesus Christ nullifies this belief.

I think that God is always grieved when we struggle.  I think that the whole situation of mankind gives God great sorrow.  I believe that God feels our inner and outer suffering.  It seems to me that he will be glad when it's the end of time, as he set it.  When this situation here on Earth will come to an end for all souls, past, present and future.

I believe in his plan, as I understand it through reading the Bible, for a new Heaven and Earth.  It is then that all will be made right and fair.  As time ticks down, God's not mad at you about what you do or think, or how often you do or think it.  God is continually sorrowful that we, in our human limitation, can't see how his suggestions can benefit us.

A God that gets mad at us for struggles, failures and mistakes?  No way!  He gives us suggestions, guidelines and rulers to make us free in every way.  He draws us to the base, or root of problems because he's always offering us power.  Power over the detrimental things that we can't see.

He's always giving to us and wants us to be wise.  He never steals from us or takes anything from us.  His mission and determination is always to reveal, and empower.  God is very mad yes, but not at you.  He's mad at the things that you have to combat in your mortal life, and what is behind it all.   

Image Credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks

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