Sunday, June 30, 2013

If We Send No Ships Out None Will Come In

Life without purpose is barren indeed.
There can't be a harvest unless you plant seed.
There can't be attainment, unless there's a goal.
And man's but a robot unless there's a soul.

If we send no ships out, no ships will come in.
Unless there's a contest nobody can win.
For games can't be won unless they are played,
And prayers can't be answered unless they are prayed.

So whatever is wrong with your life today,
You'll find a solution if you kneel down to pray.
Not just for pleasure, enjoyment and health.
Not just for honor and prestige and wealth.

But pray for a purpose, to make life worth living.
And pray for the joy of unselfish giving.
For great is your pleasure and rich your reward,
When you make you life's purpose
The choice of the Lord.

(Author Unknown)

My Encouragement To You

Please send your ship out one more time. The answer to your prayer is around the corner.  If you just don't give up you will experience it. The Lord is working to bring your desire into the physical. Let your net down at the time and in the place at which the Lord tells you. Just do it one more time, according to the Lord's will.  It doesn't matter how many times you've tried before.  Just do it again. Your draught of fishes is within reach. Your ship is on its way. Your kite is getting ready to catch the wind.

Image Credit: alwaysmnky

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