Sunday, October 11, 2015

Enjoy Each Blessing Fully

Have you ever thought to yourself that if a certain blessing had just come back at the time when you really needed it, it would have been better? Do you sometimes choose to put the use of a blessing on hold until what you feel would be a better time to enjoy it? Ever tried to wait and collect the blessings that you feel go together, before you take pleasure in and use them?

Well, lately I've thought like that, and even often before lately. It seems that many things in my life did not happen when I wanted them to. When I feel that I really wanted and needed some things, the acquiring of them alluded me. They say that God may not come when you want him to, but he's always right on time. I have to say that my years of experience with him has proven that, despite what I may feel at times of sadness and distress.

Though I can't say that I've gotten all that I've wanted, yet, or that all has happened when I most needed it to, God has greatly blessed me in many ways. Those blessings came exactly when they should have, because God makes no mistakes and his plans are always perfect. This is what the Word, the Holy Bible, tells us, and this is what I choose to believe.

So I was standing at the coffeepot, thinking about something or another that I was considering putting on hold, or feeling that I had to wait for something else before I could enjoy it. Then I thought "No! God's blessings don't come to be saved. They don't appear to be stored up. They don't happen to be banked. They happen to be utilized and enjoyed as they manifest." God is not in the storage business. He's in the immediate-use business, the acquire-it-as-you-need-it business, the demand-and-supply business. My new poem then sprang to mind. Allow it to inspire you to live fully each day, draining out each blessing as God sends them your way.

It seems to me that rarely
Do they come along on time.
We want to get one blessing
So another can align.

It seems that life is often
Just a waiting game you see.
We wait for this to happen,
Then we feel that we can be.

But rarely does it happen
That our blessings fall in line,
With what we want to happen
In our fairly finite minds.

For God is of the infinite,
The infinite is Him.
And though we may think otherwise
His plans are not a whim.

His plans are not haphazardly
Patched up to make our lives.
The blessings when they happen
Are on time and God-devised.

Don't try to re-arrange them,
Choosing pleasure in just some.
Enjoy each separate blessing
To the fullest, as they come.

Happy Autumn!

Poem: (c)2015 SH Writing 
Image: Free Images

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