Tuesday, July 5, 2016

POETRY: A Great Day Of Faith

It started with God, and coffee, and me.
Oh, what a day it was slated to be.
So full of faith, abounding with hope.
No reason to wonder, worry or mope.

Fear was the first to be tackled down.
No more fear would be coming 'round.
Worry was next, a quick exit to make.
Hopelessness exited in its wake.

Waiting to fill up my spirit with love,
All for the sake of sweet Jesus above,
God's Holy Spirit gave comfort to me.
Oh, what a day it was slated to be!

(c)2014 The Handmaid 

Image: Pixabay.com Free Images


Joe Huguenard said...

Very Good Sister Sandi... I Like It! God Bless You and Keep On Writing/Creating!

Sandi- ArtsyCrafteryStudio said...

Thanks for your comment, Bro. Huguenard. I will continue. There is very little that can stop me.

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