Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Feeling Useless And Lost About Your Life?

Could it be that you simply need some changes in your life? Sometimes we don't take the initiative to bring about change. God gives us the intelligence, the desire and the ability to instigate change. He also gives us hope that we can do things that we never thought we could. We know Him now. We are safe in the bosom of His power, and His love. This gives us great ability. 

~ We are so paralyzed about making changes. ~

As Christians, especially babes-in-Christ, we are so paralyzed about making decisions and changes in our lives, for fear of offending God. It has also been drilled into us for so long to wait on God and to follow his prompting, that we are terrified to make a move on our behalf. We feel that we need to wait for a definite word from God on what to do, while not knowing how to perceive the word from Him when it comes. 

There is a balance between waiting on God and using the wisdom and knowledge that He has given us to make changes in our lives. Not understanding that we have the personal power to decide on a new future and move towards that can cause depression to set in. Lack of understanding about the authority that we have for change can cause us to die a slow death of hopeless waiting.   

~ Maybe the current answer in right in front of you. ~

If you are feeling useless, hopeless, confused about the meaning of your life, without direction,  bored, uninspired, etc., maybe the current answer in right in front of you. You may just need to make some changes in your life, using ideas and desires that God has had in front of you for a long time. Take the authority that God has given you, and make the changes that are in your power.  You should know that you are backed by God. He's been backing you for a long time.

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