Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Bar Is Very Low

God made it very simple, didn't He?  All a person has to do is believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a preposterous and unbelievable claim, and then God acknowledges that.  It is sometimes depressing though that some believe their whole lives, but their lives change very little for the better.
The Handmaid of the Lord
There are those who die in poverty, die in addictions, die in depression, etc., believing throughout their whole lives that they will be freed from those things.  Some enjoy deliverance from them, and some do not.  Those who do not enjoy deliverance are not necessarily any less faith-filled than others.

We don't know why the lives of some seem to be more blessed than others.  But all who insist on believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ till they die and leave this earth, shall be resurrected to everlasting life.  That is the promise, and that's really where EVERYTHING will be wonderful, perfect and great!  We're still going to die, whether we believe that or not.

When we believe, we work daily to realize an improved and beneficial life through the power of His Word, the Bible scriptures.  To whatever extent we realize improvement in our lives here on Earth, in the end we will truly have it all.  And we won't even have to try anymore.  That's what believing in Christ's sacrifice does for me.

Whether I have faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ or not, I'm still going to die.  Not believing in Him does not change that.  He does promise that death will be conquered in the end, even though I still have to go through it.   His claim about being triumphant over eternal death is enough for me to embrace the gospel that focuses on Him, because He promises that I'll share in that triumph.

God placed the bar at a very low level so that anyone, who  has a simple and private desire, can leap over it.di Holland on Google+

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