Why Kites?

I've only flown a kite a couple of times in my life.  I remember when my son was a youth, and he, myself and my brother went to a large, vacant parking lot one afternoon with 2 kites.

It was so windy, which is a good thing of course.  We ran with the kites flapping wildly behind us.  Though they dipped and flipped, at first they got very little altitude.  We pulled and tugged and jerked them upwards, but they nose-dived downwards, hitting the asphalt with a sharp crack with their pointed tops.


When one of our kites finally began to climb steadily upwards, we were so excited as we took turns holding onto the tugging line.  When we finally brought her in, we were pleasantly tired and satisfied.


If we had given up, we would not have experienced the joy of our accomplishment.  We would not have known the promise of kite-flying had we allowed discouragement to cause us to quit.   If we had been too tired to just try one more time, I wouldn't be able to tell this story of encouragement to someone else.

So I love the cross of Christ, and you'll see it throughout my blog.  So why kites for my ministry logo, and not crosses?  I am inspired also by beautiful kites, and what they symbolize to me.  Hope, perseverance, determination, stick-to-it-tive-ness, tenacity.  All personality traits that God wants to build in all of us.  They are keys to success, in this life, and in growing in Christ and storing up riches in Heaven.

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