Sunday, June 2, 2013

Your Power Is In Your Privacy

If you are a Bible-reader, and choose a place in the Bible where you've never been, and read there one day, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  If on the other hand, you've never read in the Bible, and would be ashamed for someone to know if you did, no one has to.

Pick any place you want in the Bible, and read a sentence or two.  You can read one short paragraph, and only you need know.  How can I say you'll be pleasantly surprised, whether a Bible reader or not?  Because along with what you've heard about in the Bible, there is much more of which you've never heard.  There are statements there that have been misquoted for decades.

What you will find will be interesting to you.  It may even be helpful.  I know that you may not feel that you need help with anything.  That's why you're reading my blog on hope, right?  Well that's okay, because I don't think I need help with many things either.

If you're afraid that the Bible will be Greek to you (no pun intended), don't let that stop you.  There is a comprehensive site that I use that offers the Bible texts in many versions.  You can search from the beginning of the Bible, using a word, phrase, or scripture like the 23rd Psalm, or Psalm 23.  You don't have to sneak a Bible into your house.  Just visit Bible Study Tools .

If you're a Bible reader, read something that you've never read before.
This is where your new power is.

If you've never read any of the Bible, or very little, pick something to read.  No one has to know.  Your power is in your privacy.

No matter what our situation, our needs or lack of, or our frame of mind, we all can recognize the value of power.

He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths, as he has promised.
(Psalm 23:3 Good News Translation)
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