Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas Week & Praising The Reason For The Season!

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Was Obedient All The Way To The Cross

Have A Blessed & Peaceful Merry
After-Christmas Week!

He Lives! Our Savior Lives!
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
The Reason For The Season!

Worship Jesus Christ At Christmastime!
Carry Your Christ-Centered
Holiday Happiness
Throughout The Week And
Into The New Year!

Jesus Christ Has Never Failed Us!
He Died For Us And
He Has Never Failed Us!

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Ramiro Garcia sing Do It Again
(Lakewood Church Praise Team)
and for more motivation, inspiration
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Jesus Is Our Beloved Savior Who Always Points The Way To The Father

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why Love The Difficult People Series 12/9/18 Ron Carpenter

Ron Carpenter Redemption Church Bay Area

I listen to many favorite ministers throughout the week and at the least 3 per day. Joel Osteen is my favorite for motivation, T.D. Jakes is my favorite for getting fired up, and Ron Carpenter is my favorite for teaching. He always goes very deep into spiritual living, but in a way that is never overwhelming or confusing. He speaks clearly, precisely and with hard-hitting power. The Holy Spirit takes him to the root of what it will take for us to live triumphantly in our daily relationship with God.

In today's teaching, The Difficult People, learn about the type of love that allows us to love those who despitefully use us, those who are our enemies, those who do not love us back, those who have animosity towards us and mean us harm. The first scripture passage he shared is Luke 6:27-37.

Snippets from Pastor Ron's msg:

Love is not a feeling. It is not a chemical reaction. It is a decision, a choice, a commitment. Love says you are not going to do something that changes who I am. When you love something you assign value to it. Love is not based on performance.

Pastor Ron Carpenter iChurch
When harm has been done to us, this is the only type of love that will repair it. God has this type of love for us. He wants us to dispense what we have received. God is love and we get our value from him. God assigned value to us and he needed us to know how much he loved us.

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Ron Carpenter Ministries

iChurch With Ron Carpenter (live Sundays)

Mailing Address
Ron Carpenter Ministries
PO Box 641270
San Jose, CA 95164

Customer Service
Phone: 408-780-0711
Business Hours
Monday - Thursday
8 am - 6 pm

If you are reading this via email or feed,
you can't see the video.
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to visit Draw Nigh To Hope
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Ron Carpenter Teach On This Message
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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

CHRISTIAN PRODUCTS: Jesus Christ of Nazareth Wall Art 3Pc The Reason For The Season

Artwork that glorifies God.

 CENTER PAINTING 16 X 9" Incl Hanger (Painting Alone 12" Tall)

If you are devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this is the artwork to represent your appreciation and commitment to Our Lord and Savior!
Jesus Christ, The Reason For The Season
I used purple, blue, tan and beige acrylic paints on background and collaged it with the words Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I accented it with beads, card stock and a decorative wire hanger on a canvas board base.
Artwork that praises Jesus Christ.
 2 SIDE TREES 14 X 1 1/2" & 14 X 2"
Holiday artwork that lifts up Jesus.
The 2 elegant, white, topiary-inspired trees are heavily-embellished with 3 types of glitters, sequins, beads, clip art and decorative paper.
Emmanuel artwork.
One tree is stamped and heat-embossed with the reverent name of Emmanuel at the bottom. It is also collaged with letters that spell JOY.
Christian home decor.
The other tree is collaged with the letters M and C for Merry Christmas. Cardboard bases and wire hangers on the backs.
They followed the star artwork that praises Jesus  at Christmas.
This medium-sized, 3 piece set of faith-based artwork will remind you of through whom you enjoy the everlasting Grace of God. For holiday and year-round display.
 For more info and to purchase, see the listing at my
at Etsy.
~ Fill your life with reminders of Jesus Christ. ~

 ~ Spend your money on merchandise that glorifies God. ~

~ Surround yourself with products that invite in The Holy Spirit everyday. ~

We need all the help that we can get
in doing spiritual battle in this fallen world. 
The Lord has blessed me with great creative skills.
I am a self-taught designer, crafter, writer and artist.
Like Lydia in Acts 16, I am a seller of beautiful things
and I worship the Lord everyday, day in and day out. 
Proverbs 22:29 states:
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. (KJV)
Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.  (NKJV)
I have learned that in order for God to bless us through our talents, skills and creativity,
we have to put our work out there. 
I want Christians, who may not know about them otherwise, to have a chance to buy my products that lift up The Gospel of Jesus Christ and God, Our Father

If you know of anyone who sells handmade products or designs merchandise that glorifies God, let me know so that I can take a look. I may feature them here.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

You Are Here: Tired Of Praying & Weary IV

Tired, discouraged and weary of praying?

Have you ever wondered why God allows you to feel that way, tired, discouraged and weary of praying? To paraphrase one of my readers, it's enough that while we are living on this Earth we can't see, touch and be physically hugged by him. So when we keep faithfully praying for something, with no tangible sign that we are being heard and no perceived change in our circumstances, that's where the tiredness comes from. It's exhausting and frustrating! It's hard to keep going on, to believe in the power of prayer, to trust God.

But that's just it, I do believe that often he is speaking to us, but we don't yet see or hear it. For one thing, I truly do believe that if we change our prayer from asking/begging for a thing to thanking him for it once we ask the first time, we will see changes.

I've also learned that when we pray, we often do so with a preconceived notion of how and when the prayer will be answered. We are looking for the answer in a certain way. When we open up to God and choose to accept how ever he may work it out, we stop looking for OUR answer and open up to receive HIS answer.

God never answers our prayers without it also blessing the inner person.
"So when we keep faithfully praying for something, with no tangible sign we are being heard and no change in our circumstances, that's where the tiredness comes from." Yes, I feel this entirely, and just because I share insight into this doesn't mean that I no longer suffer. I still sometimes am reduced to begging God, because of my trial, but I'm doing much better and have grown much more than when I wrote the first Tired Of Praying message.

A lot of my prayer answers were preceded by an inner change in me. God never answers our prayers without it also blessing the inner person with growth and strength. Sometimes, we just simply keep praying the wrong things, or ineffective things. As we grow in God, we learn how to dissect and evaluate our prayer habits and improve them. Without growth in God, our prayer lives never improve.

Sometimes, we pray for things that are never going to happen, especially regarding other people. We may pray and pray and beg and beg for someone to live, but they weren't meant to. It was their time, and even if it wasn't their time to us, God saw fit to allow them to leave. No amount of pleading, fervent prayer or prayer tweaking would have made a difference. 

Growing in the Lord helps us to continuously adjust our prayers.
The key is growing in Christ. What is that? Being assured from within that we are changing from the effects of reading the Bible regularly, praying faithfully the best way that we know how, and being obedient when we feel that pricking about anything from the Holy Spirit. Growing in the Lord helps us to continuously adjust our prayers, so that they can become more effective and not hurt us. 

Prayers are supposed to strengthen and refresh. Prayers are supposed to give hope, not pain. Prayers are supposed to be a refuge from any and everything, whether inner or outer. Prayers are supposed to be that coveted time with a dear friend and Heavenly Father, who will talk with us on our level. We are not supposed to be subjected to prayer, to feel that it is not working. Prayer is supposed to be subject to us, to bring about the desired effect. Prayer is the greatest resource that the Christian has. 

Prayer is the greatest resource that the Christian has!
The next step is to crush the fear that things will not work out, that nothing will ever change, that you will never be happy. When the desire to beg and plead for that same old thing tries to rule you again, stop the thought and thank God for what you originally prayed for. Thank him that it has been done, according to his will. Your faith in his will is what will bring about change. Move on and petition or ask God for the next thing, leaving the old thing at the Cross. From then on, thank him for that old thing until you recognize an answer, however and whenever it shall come.  

You Are Here: Tired Of Praying & Weary

You Are Here: Tired Of Praying & Weary II

You Are Here: Tired Of Praying & Weary III

Monday, September 10, 2018

How Do We Pray When Damage Is Inevitable?

We are never without recourse in a time of trouble.
Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed when I want to pray for those in catastrophic situations. Despite changes that can avert destruction, there is what seems to be inevitable in projected reports. There is the history of recurring events. Lastly, but not least, are the prophecies in the Bible about what will occur as the time for Jesus' return nears.

I wonder sometimes what the use of praying is. What good will it do in circumstances like this? This makes me feel like we are sitting ducks, and that there is nothing that we can do. We are never, however, without recourse, and that recourse is still prayer. There is never a time when prayer will not help.

First of all, if we have faith that God can do anything, we pray that absolutely no damage will be done. That's it! We pray that somehow the storm will be turned away from human harm. We pray that it will miraculously abate, dry up and dissipate.

Next, if we can't bring ourselves to pray that, because we find it incomprehensible to believe, we pray that damage will be minimal and no lives will be lost. We pray that everyone will find safe shelter and that homes will remain standing.

Finally, if that type of prayer does not resonate in the face of a catastrophic event, we pray that the hearts of everyone who does not know him will be turned to Jesus. We pray this for those who are in the eye of destruction and for everyone involved.

All of these prayers really can be combined into one cry to God for help:

Help Us Lord!

Help Them Lord!

Have Mercy On Us Lord!

Deliver Them Lord!

Dear Jesus My Savior
You said you would never leave nor forsake those who love you.
Help those in this terrible situation come
to love you in all circumstances.
I know that you are at the right hand of Our Father,
always praying for us.

Dear Father God
You said Fear thou not, for I am with you.
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you. I will help you.
I will hold you up with my right hand of righteousness. 
 For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand saying
"Fear not, for I am with you".
(Isaiah 41:10,13) 

Help those in this destructive situation come to love
and rely on you in the same way. 
Have mercy on them and everyone involved,
friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers,
first responders, medical personnel,
city/government officials,

So in writing this encouragement to help others, I talk myself into victory.

Victory in faith.
Victory in spiritual action.
Victory in prayer. 

I Believe In Prayer, No Matter What!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

CHILDREN'S RIGHTS: How ChildHelp Makes A Difference

I've added a new link to help children. Here is info about this compassionate organization and it has been added to my page here: Children's Rights. 

The organization says:

Helping victims of child abuse is more than just a desire, it is our lifetime commitment. This commitment began when our founders, two young Hollywood actresses, encountered 11 homeless orphans abroad, and all of their lives were forever changed.

Co-founders of Childhelp USA, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, were abroad in 1959 when they came across 11 orphans in Japan and decided to help the orphans by providing food and shelter. When Sara and Yvonne returned to the United States, they decided to open up an orphanage. From there, their agency continued to grow into a national organization assisting over nine million children since its inception.

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