Sunday, July 28, 2013

Such As It Is

I walked briskly out onto the boulevard, then made a right onto the drive, and then another right onto the side street. I was having my usual morning walk, talking to the Lord and enjoying nature.

The same old troublesome thoughts began to insinuate themselves into my mind as I prayed along my peaceful journey. Turning it all over to God, I said

Thank you God for happiness and health,

and as the depressive thoughts tried to reenter, I added,

such as it is.

Though some things in my life are not as I want them to be, I don't allow that fact to prevent me from thanking God. Such as it is means that I have in my possession all of the good things that God has created. I may be waiting for the manifestation of many things, but I thank God for those things now. Such as it is dis-empowers the thoughts that will ask do you really have that, do you really feel that, do you really mean that. I always want my answer to be a wholeheartedly YES! Such as it is declares that what I currently have is worth thanking God for, and I also have the increase that is coming.

And so I am filled with gladness, and my words are full of joy.
And I, mortal though I am, will rest assured in hope,...
(Acts 2:26, GNT: Good News Translation, 
Image Credit: OCVA

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